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opinion: antimicrobial resistance should make us think twice about our medicines

amr is quietly gnawing away at the foundations of modern medicine, making a growing number of infections difficult and sometimes impossible to treat.
on behalf of the canadian network for coordinated amr awareness, nov 16 2023

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opinion: canadian healthcare choke points put patient lives at risk

canada’s healthcare system is strained. it was always strained. it was designed that way.
dr. david j stewart
nov 16 2023

crowdfunding cancer charity hopes to help innovative new therapies escape ‘valley of death’

as the arrival of liver cancer awareness month calls much-needed attention to another worthy cause, a former researcher is trying to change the way we wage war on the disease.
dave yasvinski
oct 2 2023

record-breaking wildfires raise questions about health impact on canadians

as the wildfire season breaks records year after year, experts warn even canadians in traditionally unaffected areas need to learn how to protect themselves from smoke inhalation.
dave yasvinski
aug 10 2023

nahid acupuncture clinic offers traditional chinese and laser treatments in saskatoon

nahid mobini, who was a medical doctor in iran and an acupuncturist in china before moving to saskatoon, has opened an acupuncture clinic on 8th street
don rice
jul 25 2023

local health providers marking world hepatitis day with free testing

the windsor essex community health centre and partner o...
taylor campbell
jul 25 2023

cornwall woman's family pleads for 'miracle' drug to treat her cystic fibrosis

twenty-five-year-old chanelle lafleche has to stop and ...
elizabeth payne
jul 24 2023

operation eyesight expands life-changing efforts at home and in africa

calgary businessman art jenkyns met dr. ben gullison, a...
david parker
jul 24 2023




machado: people with dementia don't lose their identity. so why do we care for them like they do?

dementia villages like the hogeweyk in the netherlands and b.c.'s the village langley are revolutionizing dementia care, giving residents the opportunity live with joy, dignity and purpose. sounds special, but that's the way it should be.
lisa machado
oct 20 2023

machado: medical trauma isn't recognized as ptsd, but it should be

we typically think of traumatic stress as being reserved for those who have survived horrific events like war or violence, but a scary diagnosis, a painful procedure or being ignored when you are in pain can also have mental health consequences.
lisa machado
oct 14 2023

machado: should we be treating 'easier' chronic cancers in community hospitals?

not everyone has access to the expertise, skill and connection to research that can be found at centres of excellence, but they should.
lisa machado
oct 2 2023

machado: prescriptions for pleasure reimagines care in a system that can barely hold itself up

sexual satisfaction, social connections, and spending time in nature are all things that impact our physical and emotional well-being — just as important as anything we can get from a pharmacy.
lisa machado
sep 25 2023

machado: change is one of the most 'insidious' stressors we face as humans

the uncertainty of what happens next can be paralyzing, and it also sets off somewhat of a chain reaction in the body that starts with the brain and ends with a poke at physical well-being.
lisa machado
sep 11 2023

machado: skin-to-skin contact is critical to healing, recovery and mental health. imagine if touch was a standard of health care?

touch deprivation, also known as touch starvation or skin hunger, has been shown to be directly related to anxiety, depression and poor quality of health.
lisa machado
aug 28 2023



opinion: team-based care is the relief canada’s healthcare system desperately needs 

the key to alleviating demand on hospitals is helping older canadians age in place and providing, when appropriate, more at-home and community care.
hélène sabourin, ceo of canadian association of occupational therapists
nov 8 2023

opinion: it's time to make pain management for children a national priority

nearly eight million canadians, including one out of five children, live with chronic pain.
katie birnie, phd and samina ali, md
nov 7 2023

machado: you can't talk healthcare spending without knowing the needs of those who depend on it

there has been lots of talk about the amount of dollars it's going to take to get canada's healthcare system up off of its knees. but to really figure it out, we need to add patient needs into the equation.
lisa machado
nov 4 2023

opinion: data and ai tools could dispel myth of doctor shortage in canada

the same data-driven approach that successfully helped millions of people access vaccines during the height of the covid-19 pandemic can be utilized to identify and connect patients with available family doctors.
ryan doherty
oct 31 2023

machado: glass children, glass adults — when illness makes us invisible

people who become the collateral damage of illness need a safe place to leave the hard feelings and dark emotions like anger, guilt and the sense of unfairness of being stuck with an enormous responsibility that they never signed up for.
lisa machado
oct 28 2023

opinion: geroscience could transform aging but we must address its social and ethical implications

we need to find ways to ensure that people remain healthy for as long as possible as they get older.
john muscedere and jane rylett
oct 24 2023