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diabetes canada



what it feels like: type 1 diabetes is a ‘constant layer of stress and complexity’

michelle anderson, a 26-year-old media relations manager in toronto, says that her diagnosis of a chronic disease at age 18 has empowered her, out of necessity.
karen hawthorne
nov 1 2023

diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: managing treatments, support and resources

knowing what lies ahead, understanding your treatment options, and being aware of the supports available can help ease your unease.
robin roberts
oct 31 2023

how i care for type 1 diabetes: ‘i used to be a control freak and i had to give that up'

for miriam dos anjos, the diagnosis meant a crash course in learning about how to treat type 1 diabetes and always be on high alert to keep her son’s blood sugar from going too high or too low.
karen hawthorne
oct 30 2023

type 1 diabetes: managing to live a long and healthy life

type 1 diabetes can occur at any age, but it usually starts in children or young adults. it's a lifelong disease. but with treatment and a healthy lifestyle, people can live a long and healthy life. here's what you need to know.
aug 17 2023

how to help children with type 2 diabetes eat healthy

if your child has diabetes, keeping their blood sugar in their target range begins with what they eat and drink. so how can you make sure your child is eating well at mealtime?
jul 28 2023

diabetes in canada: stats, facts and figures

it is estimated that nearly 12 million canadians have diabetes (type 1, type 2 or prediabetes combined) although many are unaware of their condition. this number represents roughly 29 per cent of the population.
dave yasvinski
jul 18 2023



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