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opinion: canadian healthcare choke points put patient lives at risk

canada’s healthcare system is strained. it was always strained. it was designed that way.
dr. david j stewart
nov 16 2023

crowdfunding cancer charity hopes to help innovative new therapies escape ‘valley of death’

as the arrival of liver cancer awareness month calls much-needed attention to another worthy cause, a former researcher is trying to change the way we wage war on the disease.
dave yasvinski
oct 2 2023

record-breaking wildfires raise questions about health impact on canadians

as the wildfire season breaks records year after year, experts warn even canadians in traditionally unaffected areas need to learn how to protect themselves from smoke inhalation.
dave yasvinski
aug 10 2023

nahid acupuncture clinic offers traditional chinese and laser treatments in saskatoon

nahid mobini, who was a medical doctor in iran and an acupuncturist in china before moving to saskatoon, has opened an acupuncture clinic on 8th street
don rice
jul 25 2023

local health providers marking world hepatitis day with free testing

the windsor essex community health centre and partner o...
taylor campbell
jul 25 2023

cornwall woman's family pleads for 'miracle' drug to treat her cystic fibrosis

twenty-five-year-old chanelle lafleche has to stop and ...
elizabeth payne
jul 24 2023

operation eyesight expands life-changing efforts at home and in africa

calgary businessman art jenkyns met dr. ben gullison, a...
david parker
jul 24 2023



hearing loss: causes, symptoms, treatment

hearing loss can have serious social and mental health implications, causing people to withdraw from others, and experience anxiety and depression.
dave yasvinski
apr 5 2023

congestive heart failure: symptoms, causes, treatments

people with heart disease can reduce their risk of heart failure by making lifestyle changes, including limiting alcohol and quitting smoking.
dave yasvinski
mar 29 2023

epilepsy: seizures and stigma

the top three challenges faced by people with epilepsy are a loss of independence, including not being able to drive, impact on their social lives and stigma, discrimination and lack of awareness of the condition.
dave yasvinski
mar 28 2023

fatigue, swelling, puffy eyes: do you know the signs of kidney disease?

because chronic kidney disease starts slowly with few symptoms, it may not be diagnosed before much of the damage has been done.
dave yasvinski
mar 21 2023

what are the signs of narcolepsy?

the most common symptom of narcolepsy is excessive daytime sleepiness that makes it difficult to concentrate and dangerous to perform routine tasks such as cooking or driving, with patients sometimes falling asleep with no warning.
dave yasvinski
mar 12 2023

insomnia: are you chronically sleepless?

chronic insomnia can lead to serious health issues, including diabetes, hypertension and weight gain.
dave yasvinski
mar 9 2023