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crowdfunding cancer charity hopes to help innovative new therapies escape ‘valley of death’

as the arrival of liver cancer awareness month calls much-needed attention to another worthy cause, a former researcher is trying to change the way we wage war on the disease.
dave yasvinski
oct 2 2023

record-breaking wildfires raise questions about health impact on canadians

as the wildfire season breaks records year after year, experts warn even canadians in traditionally unaffected areas need to learn how to protect themselves from smoke inhalation.
dave yasvinski
aug 10 2023

nahid acupuncture clinic offers traditional chinese and laser treatments in saskatoon

nahid mobini, who was a medical doctor in iran and an acupuncturist in china before moving to saskatoon, has opened an acupuncture clinic on 8th street
don rice
jul 25 2023

local health providers marking world hepatitis day with free testing

the windsor essex community health centre and partner o...
taylor campbell
jul 25 2023

cornwall woman's family pleads for 'miracle' drug to treat her cystic fibrosis

twenty-five-year-old chanelle lafleche has to stop and ...
elizabeth payne
jul 24 2023

operation eyesight expands life-changing efforts at home and in africa

calgary businessman art jenkyns met dr. ben gullison, a...
david parker
jul 24 2023

hanes: sexual assault victim’s hospital ordeal wasn't simply a linguistic issue

news that a montreal woman was shuffled between three hospitals before getting care is troubling, but there's more to it than the media uproar suggests.
allison hanes
jul 19 2023




#askalyson: helping your kids through a family loss

a child should know that grief is normal, that no one experiences it the same, that there is no right or wrong way to be sad about losing someone and that these emotions don't have a timeline.
alyson schafer
jun 29 2023

can you be allergic to water? yes you can, and it has a name: aquagenic urticaria

aquagenic urticaria is a rare condition that causes itchy hives to develop when the skin comes into contact with water.
karen hawthorne
apr 24 2023

skin cancer: should a mole check include my butt?

twenty per cent of melanomas occur in places that are not typically exposed to the sun.
maja begovic
apr 18 2023

vertebral artery dissection: how risky is it to 'crack' your neck?

neck and spine manipulation can relieve pain, but like all health interventions, it's not without risk.
maja begovic
mar 27 2023

vaginismus might not get the same attention as erectile dysfunction, but it should

vaginal pain is often dismissed, but its a real condition that often leaves patients feeling shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem.
maja begovic
mar 7 2023

advice: are period cramps affecting your life?

there are a lot of reasons why menstrual cramps can be debilitating, from genetics to underlying health conditions.
karen hawthorne
jan 18 2023




do collagen supplements work?

google searches for collagen rose last year, despite the fact that there's not much to prove that it has any benefits.
maija kappler
mar 7 2022

we can't prevent aging, but we do have the power to stay healthy for longer

aging is inescapable, but there's no shortage of science-based tools to help promote a healthy lifestyle and maintain good health into old age.
dr. rohan bissoondath
mar 3 2022

having a pet keeps you smarter longer in old age, research suggests

as you age, fido can help keep you sharp. new research ...
liz braun
feb 25 2022

covid-19 pandemic has caused 'tremendous' disruption to b.c. seniors: report

“the report speaks to the tremendous amount of disruption seniors saw in their lives and was reflected in the data,” - isobel mackenzie
cheryl chan
feb 17 2022

dr. nowak: sometimes the most important prescription has nothing to do with medication

a good social prescription can be transformative, shifting the conversation between a patient and a doctor from asking 'what’s the matter with you?' to 'what matters to you?'
dr. dominik nowak
feb 17 2022

more research needed to understand impacts of covid-19 stress on seniors: prof

several factors unique to older adults may make them more susceptible to high levels of stress, but more research is needed to understand these impacts.
lynn giesbrecht
feb 15 2022



watch: social media borax trend sets off alarms — but does boron really help with inflammation?

borax has plenty of uses: from laundry detergent, to insecticide, to making a slime that’s quite fun to play with. but not only is ingesting it dangerous, it’s also banned as a food additive in the u.s. and canada.
emma jones
aug 11 2023

nahid acupuncture clinic offers traditional chinese and laser treatments in saskatoon

nahid mobini, who was a medical doctor in iran and an acupuncturist in china before moving to saskatoon, has opened an acupuncture clinic on 8th street
don rice
jul 25 2023

ptsd is like 'a chronic injury that you take care of for the rest of your life'

after ute lawrence and her husband stan were involved in an 87-car pileup, they struggled with fear and anxiety. ute says it was a horse therapy program that changed her life.
robin roberts
jun 22 2023

aging well has a lot to do with managing your stress

the research is in: stress makes you age faster. the good news is, there are some things you can do to reverse the damage.
karen hawthorne
may 1 2023

alberta’s new policy on psychedelic drug treatment for mental illness: will canada lead the psychedelic renaissance?

alberta’s new policy may set a precedent that moves canadians one step closer to accepting psychedelics as medicinal substances
the conversation
jan 17 2023

opinion: alberta needs to rethink its new regulations for psychedelics with proper consultation

canada’s first provincial framework for pap should be a best-in-class example based on the best available science and informed by patients and practitioners with relevant experiences and expertise.
psychedelics coalition
jan 10 2023



animals and pets

how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and west nile virus

humans are at greatest risk of contracting west nile virus when mosquitoes are most active: at dawn and dusk, from mid-april to the first “hard frost” in september or october.
emma jones
aug 3 2023

what former chatelaine editor rona maynard learned from her rescue dog

the "formerly important person" talks about how a mutt changed her perspective on life.
robin roberts
apr 3 2023

pet grooming boomed in toronto during covid: people 'more into their dogs.'

two toronto deluxe animal spa owners say covid meant business went up between 20-30% as people no longer viewed their pets as property but rather family
jane stevenson
feb 5 2023



bone health

doctor's orders: a gluten-free diet is the treatment for celiac disease

for most people, celiac disease can be controlled by following a strict diet and getting regular checkups with a specialist, says dr. vipul jairath, a gastroenterologist and clinical researcher at london health sciences centre university hospital.
karen hawthorne
may 2 2023

'an optimistic message': study uncovers the secrets to aging successfully

according to university of toronto researchers, there are a lot of positives that come with greying hair, but is there a 'secret sauce' to thriving as we age?
karen hawthorne
dec 28 2022

sports injury: how much force does it take to snap a leg?

the lower leg of mma fighter richard palencia visibly snapped during a match. the twist — palencia was the one doing the kicking.
chris arnold
nov 11 2022

vitamin d deficiency: do you know the signs?

vitamin d is a vital nutrient that the body gets either from our diet or exposure to the sun.
dave yasvinski
oct 14 2022

dallas cowboys quarterback dak prescott fractures thumb in game against tom brady

during a throw, prescott’s hand was blocked by outside linebacker shaquil barrett, with prescott’s hand appearing to bend backwards.
chris arnold
sep 15 2022

new york yankees outfielder andrew benintendi fractures wrist

have you ever swung a bat so hard your broke a bone in your wrist?
chris arnold
sep 8 2022