studies show coffee can improve liver health: canadian liver foundation

coffee lovers have a new reason to rejoice as the connection between their beloved brew and liver health becomes increasingly clear.
laura dellandrea, holistic nutritionist with the canadian liver foundation, oct 20 2023
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what do peaches have to do with ibs?

peaches are full of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants but their high fructose content may irritate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
chris arnold
apr 10 2023

binge eating and 'almond mothers': why the disorder is not about food

dietitian julie mai says many gen zs who grew up with fad-dieting mothers have been left with shame around enjoying food.
karen hawthorne
mar 24 2023

obesity 'in your own words' book aims to raise awareness and spark compassion

eight extraordinary canadians bravely shared pieces of their life with obesity in the form of letters to their younger selves, and despite stigma, discrimination and hurtful stereotypes, these are stories of hope, resilience and recovery.
maja begovic
mar 17 2023

ulcerative colitis: 'no one believed me'

an ulcerative colitis diagnosis at age 33 derailed jana osbourne's career, impacted her financial health and made it impossible to adopt a child.
maja begovic
mar 16 2023

food addiction is not about willpower, says recovering food addict dr. vera tarman

if you think about food all the time, behave in embarrassing ways around food and don’t want people to see how you eat, you may be a food addict, says dr. tarman.
karen hawthorne
mar 14 2023

alzheimer’s prevention linked to vitamin b3 family

the research confirms what we already know about the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases — that a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and a nutritious diet, is good for our brains.
dave yasvinski
mar 1 2023



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