machado: why are we so scared of asking for a second opinion?

say what you want about a patient's right to another opinion or how offended a doctor gets to be about said opinion, the bottom line is asking questions and getting more information is good for everyone.
lisa machado, dec 16 2023
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jeff bridges ‘almost lost it all’ during pandemic

during his health battle, jeff bridges was hospitalized for more than four months and thought he might never work again.
karen hawthorne
sep 16 2022

jane fonda, 84, is undergoing chemo for non-hodgkin's lymphoma

the "grace and frankie" star isn't the only celebrity to receive a non-hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis. spartacus actor andy whitfield died in 2011 at age 39, just 18 months after his initial diagnosis.
karen hawthorne
sep 7 2022

former cabinet minister opens up about lymphoma diagnosis

former liberal cabinet minister deb schulte has had a l...
maija kappler
oct 26 2021

some blood cancer patients don't make covid antibodies

a new study found patients with non-hodgkin lymphoma were the least likely to have virus antibodies after vaccination.
dave yasvinski
aug 11 2021

don west's cancer diagnosis: brain lymphoma facts

pitchman and former impact wrestling commentator don west recently shared his diagnosis of the rare cancer.
nick beare
jul 16 2021

anaplastic large cell lymphoma was no match for a sister's stem cells

'not everyone has an abby': diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, oliver pickering needed his sister's stem cells
emma jones
jul 14 2021