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canada's health ministers back in b.c. to meet with federal counterpart

according to health canada, it’s the first time all of the health ministers from different levels of government have met in person since 2018.
the canadian press
nov 7 2022

ontarians split on bill that could force patients into nursing homes

about half of ontario residents support the controversial bill 7, according to a new poll.
maija kappler
oct 7 2022

francophone groups fear bill 7 could trample long-term care patients' language rights

long-term care minister paul calandra said patients’ rights will be respected, but advocates want the right to french language services specifically spelled out in the bill's regulations
elizabeth payne
sep 5 2022

ontario’s political party leaders pledge to fix health care in the north

the longstanding shortage of healthcare workers in the region has prompted numerous calls for significantly increased investment in the sector to address local shortfalls.
canadian press
may 29 2022

bill 96 will impede access to health care in english, legal experts warn

the main issue with the bill is that "for the first time, it prohibits certain communications," said montreal lawyer eric maldoff.
rené bruemmer
may 18 2022

nurses union concerned about hospital plan to hire more practical nurses amid shortages

amid staff shortages, the ottawa hospital is hoping to ...
elizabeth payne
may 13 2022