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karen hawthorne worked for six years as a digital editor for the national post, contributing articles on health, business, culture and travel for affiliated newspapers across canada. she now writes from her home office in toronto as a freelancer, and takes breaks to bounce with her son on the backyard trampoline and walk bingo, her bull terrier.

she’s turned her personal interest in health into her professional specialty, contributing to healthing.ca since 2021. running is her “moving meditation” to offset her keyboard hours! she writes from a place of empathy and understanding for patients and caregivers. her son is autistic and developmentally delayed. , and her mom has lived with type 1 diabetes for decades, never letting the disease hold her back. she also has unlimited curiosity for medical science and discovery, and talking to the advocates, researchers and clinicians who bring life-saving treatments to people, changing lives every day.


master’s degree in journalism from western university in london


email: karen.hawthorne@gmail.com
linkedin: karen hawthorne
twitter: karenhawthorne