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obesity matters

obesity matters is a canadian non-profit representing the lived experience community. the organization seeks to empower individuals who have 'experienced weight bias, fallen into diet traps and unrealistic goals', with a view to changing societal attitudes to weight.

as a partner of healthing, obesity matters provides a community platform with 'credible resources' and was 'started by advocates who have gone through weight struggles and now want to share personal feelings, experiences, coping strategies and empower the community to advocate for better healthcare for themselves and their loved ones.'

using evidence-based resources, obesity matters works to improve the narrative surrounding weight and its impact on health, tackle preconceptions on weight loss, empower individuals to accept themselves and others, and advocate for public policy that promotes health and wellbeing.

obesity matters runs a wellness workshop series of events that are free to all, with each session addressing a different topic relating to weight management and healthy lifestyles. register for the next session: https://obesity-matters.com/events/om-wellness-workshop/